Think Prevention, not Crisis Care!

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With the crazy weather ripping through the US these past couple of months, its hard to get out of crisis mode. Tornadoes in Tuscaloosa, AL, Joplin, MO and OK City wreaked havoc on so many families, tearing apart homes, places of work, and anything else in their path. Across the nation support groups are raising money, asking for donations of needed goods and telling those in surrounding areas to get their “Survival Kits” ready just in case. There is no way to necessarily prevent the storms from happening, but there are ways to prepare for them if they d0.

This is not unlike your health. The best approach to health is to prevent problems and be better prepared to handle them in order to avoid a crisis later in life. Chiropractic is the best approach you can take in prevention and wellness. By making sure there is no interference in your nervous system, you are giving your body the best chance it has to fight off and handle any problems that may arise, like allergies, a cold, or the flu. You may not experience any of these illnesses at all because your body is fully functioning and able to keep those nasty bugs away!

If you are interested in getting your “Healthy Life Kit” started, please don’t hesitate to call Dr. Corey at 402-613-8812 or e-mail

To lend a hand, check out to following resources:

Red Cross

Alabama Possible

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